Lena is a main character in the novel Creatures In The Night, and a minor character in The Trinity

Early Life:

In her early life Lena was always the elusive Lena Caldwell. Lena is a mermaid, and the original immortal being and first immortal female. Lena is over two thousands years old and one of the four mermaids to run The Serene, the central government for all merfolk. Lena is responsible for making her sisters of the tide, Tamara, Marina and Cordelia immortal and mermaids. Lena is said to be the most beautiful creature ever to exist.

The Serene:

Lena sis the mermaid to create The Serene. The Serene is the central government for all merfolk creatures including mermaids, selkies, sirens, hippocampus, krakens, and many more. After years and years of being the head of The Serene she finally leaves and goes on her own. It all starts after Marina kills the last living member of Lena's family, Pascal. Lena then moves on from the marine life where she meets Kenna and the two immediately become best friends.

The Trinity:

In The Trinity Lena is still the head of The Serene. She is said to be this elusive immortal being of the ocean that all creatures are destined to bow down to and


Astrid Berges-Frisbey is the actress I would personally choose to portray Lena Caldwell