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Kenna was a young girl from Bulgaria, who like Nadia traveled to the

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Romania where she met the Danielson's. When she met Kristoff he immediately grew fond of her and her beauty. So, he savagely murdered her and turned her into a vampire. Kenna, fearing for her life fled back to Bulgaria with Nadia. When she arrived to her home she found Keira, Kol and Kristoff waiting for them. Kristoff tore her father apart limb by limb as Kol beheaded her mother. As if that was not bad enough Keira took Kenna's four year daughter Lola and through her into the river. They held Kenna and Nadia still and forced them to watch the child drown and scream for her mother in the rapids of the river. Once her family was murdered Kristoff told Kenna that he wanted her as his Vampire Queen. Kenna denied the title and again her and Nadia fled, keeping in hiding until Kenna met Lena who kept her safe from the Danielson's grasp.