Emery is the main character of the novel Creatures In The Night

Early Life:

Emery Hills is the son of Yelina Hathaway-Hills and Dean Hathaway, and the twin brother of Sabine Hills. All his life he was raised as a human boy, when in fact he was a consumer, a witch who can only have magic when they consume it from other witches or magical objects.Emery is the best friend of Mable Ostia He grew up believing that he was the son of Yelina and David Hills, and the twin brother of Sabine, when in fact after

Sean O'Donnell, the person I would perosnally select to portray Emery Hills

his life is changed by becoming a hybrid he discovers that he is the son of Yelina and Dean Hathaway, a warlock. He soon discovers that he is also the brother of Syrena Hathaway.


While in Ramapo National State Park Emery meets Lena Caldwell, where he discovers he has the sight, the ability to see the supernatural world.She informs him that he is a warlock, a male witch, she then introduces him to Kenna Devine, a vampire, Venice, a witch, and Jules, a werewolf. Together they do a spell that transforms Emery into a quadbrid, a hybrid of four creatures.